Good sperm donor guide

Good sperm donor guide

Safety and Courtesy

How to be a good Private sperm donor in the Uk

  1. Do not do the dirty on recipients….EVER.
  2. Have standards.
  3. Be as honest as you can be.
  4. Go with your instinct on recipients.
  5. Do not donate for malicious reasons eg racism, egotism, sex mad or you can’t get a woman in the real world…
  6. Learn about ovulation and timing.
  7. Do not approach recipients who you can not travel to, want your ethnicity, age group etc
  8. Do not repeatedly post on websites or groups (better to remove/delete old posts)
  9. Be weary of female admins of FB groups and websites

Images and Description

  1. Do not send pictures of your donor kids to recipients or post them on the web (donor kids have a right to privacy too).
  2. Do not exchange images with other donors or recipients
  3. All images exchanged between you and the recipients should be truthful and you should have permission to use.
  4. Do send recipients a recent picture of yourselves ie taken within the last 12 months.
  5. Make sure that your description of yourself is accurate

First Meeting and Subsequent Meetings

  1. Always meet somewhere the recipient will feel comfortable and safe
  2. Be on time for meetings, if you can’t make it or you are running late keep them informed.
  3. Do not attempt to coerce the recipient to change donation method at any point.
  4. Do not bring anyone to any meeting they do not expect
  5. Make sure you have recent up to date fertility  and STI tests (offer to show these at initial meeting).
  6. If you are doing Natural Inseminations get new STI tests after before each new recipient and the results confirmed before donating.
  7. Advise recipients on safety aspects and keep their safety in mind at all times.
  8. If the recipients asks how frequently you donate, how many donor kids you have or are expecting or how many you would like….be truthful as you can.
  9. Do respect a recipient’s right to change her/their mind at any time without giving you a reason

After Donation

  1. Respect recipients privacy.
  2. Do not ask for expenses to be paid until AFTER you have produced the donation.
  3. Do not contact recipients any more than they expect or agreed to.
  4. Do not promise to donate for siblings if you have no intention to do so
  5. Do keep in touch with other sperm donors for up to date info.
  6. Do not troll other sperm donors.
  7. Do not pump and dump.
  8. Do Not hassle recipients for results of 2 week wait, scan pictures, progress reports etc

And Finally