Good sperm recipient guide

Good sperm recipient guide

Parenting starts before conception

  1. Plan early ie months beforehand
  2. Look at your lifestyle (is it conducive to good fertility eg smoking, drinking, night shifts)
  3. Are you really in a committed relationship
  4. Be aware the dynamics of the relationship you have with your partner might change once pregnancy happens/baby comes along
  5. Go with your instinct on donors.
  6. Do not try to get pregnant to hold a rocky, “run it’s course” or “boring” relationship together
  7. Learn about and monitor ovulation and timing.
  8. Learn about and recognise your body signs for ovulation.
  9. Read up and practice using either a syringe or softcup or both BEFORE YOUR 1ST DONATION.
  10. Do give donors a reasonable amount of info on your FB about page, postings, website
  11. Do not approach donors who you can not travel to or can travel to you, want your ethnicity, age group etc
  12. Do not repeatedly post on websites or groups (better to remove/delete old posts)

Safety and Courtesy

  1. Do not do the dirty on sperm donors….EVER.
  2. Have standards ie don’t be desperate
  3. Be as honest as you can be.
  4. Go with your instinct on donors (any alarm bells ringing).
  5. Do have other people present at donation meeting if it makes you feel safer
  6. DO not leave valuables in the room where the donation is to take place.
  7. Do realise contracts are meaningless and offer neither party any legal protection
  8. Do not repeatedly post on websites or groups (better to remove/delete old posts)

Images and Description

  1. Do not exchange images with other donors or recipients
  2. All images exchanged between you and the recipients should be truthful and you should have permission to use.
  3. Do send recipients a recent picture of yourselves ie taken within the last 12 months.
  4. Do not ask donors for pictures of their offspring (kids have a right to privacy too)
  5. Make sure that your description of yourself is accurate

First Meeting

  1. Always meet somewhere you and the donor will feel comfortable and safe
  2. Be on time for meetings, if you can’t make it or you are running late keep them informed.
  3. Do not attempt to coerce the donor to change donation method at any point.
  4. Do not bring anyone to any meeting they do not expect
  5. Make sure you have recent up to date fertility  and STI tests (offer to show these at initial meeting).
  6. If you are doing Natural Inseminations get new STI tests after before each new donor and the results confirmed before receive sperm donation.
  7. Do not use more than one donor per cycle
  8. Do respect a donor’s right to change his mind at any time without giving you a reason

Doing the Deed – Artificial Insemination

  1. Softcups- make sure you are well practised in inserting softcup correctly
  2. Syringe -insert slowly aim for cervix and leave in for a few minutes, lie down as long as possible with pillows/cushions under your bum
  3. If you spill the donation contact the donor he may be able to come back again and give a 2nd donation
  4. Do not drink ANY alcohol for rest of your cycle – keep coffee to a minimum
  5. Do try and be outdoors more often for rest of cycle (good for Vitamin D)

After Donation

  1. Respect donors privacy.
  2. Do not pay expenses until AFTER you have recieved the donation.
  3. Do not contact donors any more than they expect or agreed to.
  4. DO NOT SPERM JACK! (recipient who do disappearing act after getting confirmation of pregnancy)
  5. Do keep in touch with other recipients for up to date info.
  6. Do not troll other recipient.
  7. Do continue taking folic acid and maintaining a good lifestyle
  8. When you find a good donor that you like and trust and is also proven stick with him

And Finally